Bon appétit!

Where to eat

What do you feel appetite for? A fast lunch, traditional Breton specialties, exotic discoveries or a romantic evening with a long gourmet meal? You are bound to find what you want among the numerous restaurants and brasseries in Saint-Nazaire and the Brière area.

Here is our 2018 restaurant guide (in French and English) for you to browse online:

We've classified the dozens of addresses along Saint-Nazaire's main areas and districts. Each of them has a special feel about it... Click on the image to enlarge the map and to locate the districts.

"Ville-Port", between the city and the harbour (on the map: "Ville-Port). - This is where you can feel Saint-Nazaire’s heart beat. Culture, history, the harbour, quays, docks and locks…

Around the station (on the map: Autour de la gare). - The gateway to Saint-Nazaire: arrival, departure, trains and local buses… easy to get around.

City centre (on the map: Coeur de ville et alentours). - Window-shipping or browsing in the boutiques is easy in the city centre with its leafy pedestrian streets.

Seaside (on the map: Front de mer et littoral). - A city by the sea, wide open unto the ocean; long walks by the seaside… that says it all, doesn’t it?

Océanis – University (on the map: Océanis - Université). - The beaches aren’t very far, and office windows open unto big lawns. Breathe!

St-Marc sur Mer (on the map: Saint-Marc sur Mer). - Saint-Nazaire’s very own seaside resort: coves, cliffs and sandy beaches for perfect summer happiness!

L’Immaculée – lakes and ponds (on the map: L'Immaculée - les étangs). - The countryside takes over from the city: meadows and farms, and a pretty lake for watersport.

Business Park Brais Pedras (on the map: Parc d'activités Brais Pedras). - Another aspect of Saint-Nazaire’s economy, with companies and workshops of widely acknowledged know-how.

Trignac – Shopping precinct (on the map: Trignac - Zone commerciale). - On Saint-Nazaire’s doorstep, a convenient area with shopping mall and hotels. Efficiency above all!

Méan – Penhoët  and the shipyard (on the map: Méan-Penhoët et chantiers navals). - Between the huge bridge that spans the Loire estuary and the famous shipyard, this neighbourhood is almost a town in itself, with a very distinctive atmosphere.

In the Brière. - The small towns and villages of the Brière marshes also have a variety of restaurants on offer.