Saint-Nazaire Harbour: be transported
Discover ocean liners, submarines and airplanes, take a trip down memory lane... Come to the port where all journeys begin.
Escal'Atlantic, the Ocean Liner Experience
Are you ready for a transatlantic voyage, aboard a legendary ocean liner…?
The Submarine Espadon
Sharing cramped space and a single shower for 65 crew members… discover what life was like aboard the submarine Espadon.
The heritage Museum Ecomusée
Discover the incredible destiny of a town which was built twice in one century.
Plan your visit
Opening times, prices, how to get there… all the information you need!
Tumulus and submarine base
Visit two outstanding monuments in July and August.
Two-hour cruises along the coast
Embark on a two-hour cruise allowing you to discover Saint-Nazaire from the sea, between the Loire estuary and the Atlantic Ocean.
Shipyard STX France
A ship under construction has something of a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle… but a very big one!
Airbus Saint-Nazaire
A unique experience lies in store for you: a close encounter with the A380 and the other members of the Airbus family.
Harbour Terminals
Containers, cargo ships and tankers, cranes, trucks and terminals are the landmarks of this fascinating tour.